A data entry company like Fletcher Data is often forced to use buzzwords and jargon.

Here we try and explain some of the processes and terms we use to perform and describe our data capture and data entry tasks.



Keyboard data entry from paper & image

Traditional keyboard data capture utilising highly trained fast & accurate full time operators, using specialised data entry software and keyboards.


PAF address generation and validation

This is the Royal Mail Postal Address File (PAF) updated every 3 months. This is linked to our data capture software and it enables us to capture addresses quickly and accurately.


Programmatical validation & balancing routines

Data can be programmatically verified using lookup tables and controls provided or defined by the client.


De-Duplication facilities

Fletcher Data Services uses de-dupe multiple data sets using SQL Server technology.

Document scanning & document management

We have 4 high speed commercial scanners in total capable of producing 20,000 images per hour. Images can either be used for archiving, OCR or presenting on a screen for capture or any combination of these.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

OCR can often be used to capture data from printed matter.

Management reporting and data analyses

We use various management reporting tools to provide a professional analyses of your data. Typically this will produce graphs, reports, detailed counts and trend analysis.

Output to most formats, flat file, CSV, Access, Excel etc

Security Disposal of documents

Secure destruction of documents via an accredited waste management and recycling company.


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